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16th December 2014




This website could not have been created without the help of my brilliant husband Eric who designed my site at the same time as completing a Masters degree at Stanford University and he is also the Webmaster at www.learnabout-electronics.org

Many thanks also to the volunteers at the Bechtel International Center, who generously offered student spouses help and advice, besides arranging regular, coffee mornings, potluck dinners, dances, musical venues and weekly trips out. Also student spouses were welcome to create/participate in cookery or craft classes, movie presentations, reading and knitting groups and language classes etc.etc.

Even without a car there were plenty of places to visit both on and off campus including the Cantor Arts Centre, libraries, and Stanford bookstore. Stanford Shopping Centre was close by, and it was only a short bus ride to Andronico's, Walmart or Palo Alto. Also not to be missed, a visit to the Sunday market in California Avenue for fresh fruit and vegetables, or take the Caltrain to San Francisco – memorable!!!!!