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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014




Colouring Book


6 Drummers Drumming

The Colouring book is made up of 26 full colour pages and 26 black and white pages to colour in. Footballers are having a game, someone has injured his foot and the Referee is running over to help.

The Engineer has been mending his traction engine and has just had a mug of tea. They are very busy at the Hairdressers; one of the hairdressers has also just made some tea. One lady is sitting beneath the hair dryer reading a magazine whilst another is having her hair washed.

The Veterinary surgery is always busy and the Vet, with his assistant is examining a sick dog. There is a large red and green parrot in a cage, (you can make the same parrot in the 3D section of the web site!) and someone with a gold fish, (there are also goldfish in the 3D section!). There are things to discuss in every picture of the Alphabet, and little stories to share help with learning and understanding.

This Alphabet is continually extending into a wide community of characters that appear in other pages, a little girl in the Library, is also in the Zookeeper picture, what else does the zookeeper do? Where else can you find boy who appears in the Library? What is he doing?

Free Downloads

Beneath each picture in the colouring book there are three links that download either a black and white page to colour in, a coloured page or the whole book, each page is printable on A4 or Letter paper.