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16th December 2014



3D Paper Projects


examples of 3D paper projects

All age groups can make paper projects, within the home or at school. They can be individual or group projects. From a collection of basic materials such as newspaper, bottles, cartons and tubes, masking tape, tissue paper, paint and glue, a load of projects can be made such as, figures, dogs, fishes, birds, houses and wheeled vehicles.

The projects share a variety of basic techniques, which once learned, are useful in further developing new ideas of your own!

Free Downloads

All the projects on the website, many with full instructions, are also available to download as pdf pages printable on A4 or Letter paper.


examples of previous 3D paper workshops

Themes for 3D workshops can be many and varied according to the different environments. In schools, successful projects based on ideas relating to current reading material or the changing seasons, with presentations on nature tables, have been completed in a few days. Outdoor one day workshops, open to the public, and group events, often held during the holidays, in church halls and meeting rooms have also produced masses of projects. Regardless of where and what, the completed projects are always amazing!