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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014




Learning Letters

(and numbers...)

Learning Letters ABC cube


This new addition to Pats Paper Projects called Learning Letters has seven separate sections of learning materials, each starting with a general introduction then sub sections marked a. or b. showing sample pages or instructions to download and print off A4 (or Letter) size as required.

The seven learning projects, for people of all ages learning the alphabet and basic numbers, includes making Alphabet Letters, Reading, Picture and Number Squares, making a Counting Board from egg boxes and cardboard tubes, and making Alphabet Cubes from empty washed juice cartons.

The letter, picture or number squares are all regular in size and can printed on paper or matt card, cut out and used for many learning activities, and across other sections.

Any complete set of sample pages or any number of single sample pages shown can be downloaded and printed off A4 or (Letter size) as required.

The Learning Letters projects provide a varied range of materials.

Section 1. Making Alphabet Letters is about writing individual letters of the alphabet, and is supported by two videos.

Section 2. Reading Squares offers pages of capital and small letters to download, cut out, and arrange into words.

Section 3. Number Squares offers a range of number squares and basic maths symbols.

Section 4. Counting Board describes how to make a useful counting board from recycled materials.

Section 5. Picture Squares are sets of pictures with words from a to z to colour in and copy out.

Section 6. Cut Out Letters that can be printed and cut out from card or magnetic paper are useful for many projects.

Section 7. Alphabet Cubes are easy to make from recycled juice cartons and can be used with letters, numbers or pictures from any of the other sections. They provide a useful set of cubes for many learning activities.