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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014








Royal Celebration

Royal Jubilee Cut Out Figures


Hope you enjoy these special jubilee pictures. Download either the coloured pictures, or the black and white pictures to colour in.

If you want to make stand up figures, glue your picture on to stiff card, the unprinted side of an empty cereal box is good. Leave to dry pressed under a few books, then cut out and place in the little stand as shown below for a 3D presentation. The stand up figures make great place names for your party table - there is a space at the bottom of each figure, to write in your guests names.

See also Stand Up Figures Project 6




Make your own bunting with some already coloured union jack flags. Why not make a line of guardsmen to look after the jellies and sandwiches on your party table. - Have Fun!

Click on any of the pages below to download and print A4 (or Letter) size as required.

Jubilee05-sml.jpg Queen-col-sml.jpg
Jubilee04-sml.jpg Duke-col-sml.jpg
Jubilee01-sml.jpg guards-col-sml.jpg
Jubilee02-sml.jpg Jubilee03-sml.jpg