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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014





Stand Up Figures Project 6

Why not print a basic figure on stiff white card, cut it out, then using the re-positionable glue stick, ‘dress’ the figure in the outfit of your choice.


If white card is not available, or not stiff enough, suitable card could be cut from a cereal carton or similar box. Print the basic boy or girl on ordinary white printing paper and cut out the figure roughly, leaving about 1cm all around. Then brush some PVA glue on the back of the figure to permanently glue it to the card, and when almost dry, place it between a couple of big books to flatten.

When the cardboard is dry and flat, carefully cut out the figure following the black outlines, then have fun applying your selection of coloured paper clothes using the re-positionable glue stick,

Finally, for a 3D display, make a little stand for your completed figure as shown below.

Making a Stand for your figures.