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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014




Learning Letters

7. Alphabet Cubes

These strong and light weight cubes are easily made from recycled juice cartons. Glue the specially selected sets of letters from Section 7a, Letters For Cubes onto 16 cubes for a good range of words for many spelling and word games.

Number squares from Section 3 and Picture Squares from Section 5 could also be cut to fit the cubes and could be used for many more word games, spelling and number activities.

Download and print A4 (or Letter) size, complete instructions for How to Make Alphabet Cubes.

How to make alpha boxes page 1 How to make alpha boxes page 2 How to make alpha boxes page 3

Although examples for this project are shown in black and white, why not glue on coloured letters or paint the cubes bright colours? A quick and colourful way to decorate blank white cubes is to simply dip each side of the cube, as described in the Marbling section of this site.

The photographs below show a completed set of (undecorated) alphabet cubes in a handy tray made from a cardboard carton. The numbers in the top corner of each cube in the left hand photograph are useful when storing or sorting the cubes, making sure a full set is present.

Alphabet Cubes