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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014




Learning Letters

7b. Finishing the Cubes - Downloads

These cubes are a very versatile and tactile learning tool, and with a carefully selected set of letters such as the ones in Section 7a, they can be used for various activities, for example learning letter order, letter recognition, making words, spelling and word games.

Because these cubes are hand made, they can easily be added to and varied to suit individual needs.

The cubes could also be used with numbers or pictures, and colour could be used to indicate different sets, such as vowels and consonants.

The 8 instruction sheets below with 2 cubes per page, show how to glue the letters on the cubes in a logical order. There are 2 complete alphabets (52 letters), plus 44 extra letters chosen especially to provide a wide range of words.

Download and print any page A4 (or Letter) size by clicking any sample page below, or download the whole set of 8 pages and print the pages as required. The sets of instructions on each page match up with the sets of letters in "Letters for Cubes" in Section 7a.

instructions for cubes 1 and 2 instructions for cubes 3 and 4 instructions for cubes 5 and 6
instructions for cubes 7 and 8 instructions for cubes 9 and 10 instructions for cubes 11 and 12
instructions for cubes 13 and 14 instructions for cubes 15 and 16