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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014




Learning Letters

7a. Letters for Cubes - Downloads

Below are 9 sample pages, 8 pages with 2 sets of letters for 16 alphabet cubes, and one blank grid for extra letters, numbers or pictures if required.

The small number in the first square of each letter set indicates which of the 16 cubes that set should be used for, i.e. set 1 is used for the first cube, set 2 for the second cube etc. This ensures a wide spread of letters when all 16 cubes are used.

Download and print any page A4 (or Letter) size by clicking any sample page below, or download the whole set of 9 pages. Print the pages as required on paper, then the squares can be cut out and glued on the cubes as shown in "Finishing the Cubes" in Section 7b.

letters for cubes 1 and 2 letters for cubes 3 and 4 letters for cubes 5 and 6
letters for cubes 7 and 8 letters for cubes 9 and 10 letters for cubes 11 and 12
letters for cubes 13 and 14 letters for cubes 15 and 16 letters for cubes blank grid