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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014




Penguin made from an egg box and a paper cup



This cheeky little Penguin came from nowhere, he breezed over, across my worktable, unpainted and barely finished and waited patiently for some time for his final coat of paint. He was very happy to have his skis painted shiny red, and was especially proud when he had a smart letter ‘S’ for Stanford, painted on them!

One of my friends took him home, and now I have to make another one because I miss his bright, eager little face and imagine him standing on top of a snowy hill, poised, waiting expectantly at the start of a race down to the valley below.

Perhaps it would be interesting to make a group of Penguins with big number cards on, then line them up on a little hill, and take a photograph of them all just before the big race!


Penguin made from an egg box and a paper cup