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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014





Small Robot

How to make Robots

Boxes and Tubes

Robots are great fun to make. This small robot is made from a collection of different sized cardboard boxes and tubes. The biggest box makes the body and a smaller box is used for the head. The legs, arms and neck are made from cardboard tubes, with small cuts down each end to make tabs for sticking to the boxes. The feet are two small soap boxes. Only half of the robot in the above picture is painted so that the constuction materials can be seen.

Large Robot

This large robot, standing about 3 feet (1 metre) high, was made using masking tape to fasten together bigger cardboard boxes, tubes were used for the arms and legs, large yoghurt pots were used for the feet but cardboard boxes would also be suitable.

Small paper cups were fastened to the robot´s arms to make ´hands´ and two pointed shapes cut from egg boxes were stuck inside the paper cups for effect. A variety of bits and pieces can be used to suggest ´essential´ robot parts. For example a small open box was stuck on for a mouth, and eyes were made from two small paper cups stuck to the head then covered with a transparent cookie box. A large dial on the robot´s chest was made from a paper plate and some tinfoil circles. A photo of a keyboard was glued on the front and covered with a small plastic tray. The ´wires´ connecting the various parts together are actually short pieces of plastic covered clothes line painted in bright colours and stuck in place with hot glue.

The long antennae are thin newspaper tubes reinforced with florists stem wire, with two small cardboard rings fastened on the top. If required the robot can be fastened to a thick cardboard plinth for extra stability.