Wedding Party


Wedding Party Video

The Project

The Wedding Party is an ideal group project using some techniques described in other projects in Pats Paper Projects.


The Wedding Pavilion

This ornate wedding pavilion was made from two circular chocolate boxes.

The 'golden dome' is a papier maché shape made on a balloon, with a thin card cone and a ping pong ball added. Art Straws were glued on to complete the effect.

The golden pillars are cardboard kitchen roll tubes, covered with thin corrugated card for a fluted effect.

The Wedding Guests

There are two types of figures at the wedding. Some, like the conductor, are made from scrunched up paper for the head and body The legs and arms are made from rolled up newspaper tubes. For these figures with legs, use a hot glue gun to glue their feet to a jam pot lid or thick card base. Hands are drawn on stiff card and glued into the ends of the arms. The construction of similar paper figures is also described in making a basic paper figure. they have florists wire inside the arms and legs, so they can be bent.

Others, like violinist and the singer, are simply made with a scrunched up paper parcel for a head, a cardboard tube for the body (and legs) and a rolled up newspaper tube for the arms, stiffened with florists wire if required. Full instructions for this type of figure can be downloaded here.


Other details

The details on the figures, such as clothes, hats etc. can be made by adding small pieces of paper, tissue or fabrics and lace. The musical instruments are made by tracing the required shape on several pieces of stiff card, cutting them out and gluing the layers together. The edges are neatened by covering them with small strips of glued tissue before painting. Violin bows and the conductors baton were made from florists wire.

The wedding cake was made from small round boxes and paper tubes. The drinks table was made from a cut down paper cup and decorated with a small strip of lace.


The whole wedding day party, including of course the bride and groom, were then glued to a thick card base, about 36" x 24" made from two layers of laminated cardboard (from a large packing case) glued together with the ‘grain’ of the sheets at right angles to each other. The card base can also be fastened to thin wooden laths, to make sure it stays flat before painting as required.