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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014




Paper parrot in a paper cage


How to make a Paper Parrot in a Cage

The complete parrot and cage is about 18 inches high. The parrot is made from a loose parcel of newspaper which is shaped using masking tape, into a basic body including the head and beak. Strips of tissue glued to the body will smooth and add strength. When dry paint the body before sticking on strips of painted or coloured paper at the back for the tail feathers. Legs made from tiny rolls of paper, with florist´s wire inserted keep the bird upright when he is fastened, using masking tape, on to a tight roll of paper tube for a perch. The perch is supported about 5cm. from the base of the cage. A couple of small boxes (match boxes) painted white and taped each side of the parrot´s perch should be fine. The parrot on his perch can be fastened (glued or taped), on to a white paper plate if you do not want to make a cage.

To make the cage, several tight rolls of newspaper fastened well with masking tape, then painted white, make good bars. The bottom of the tubes can then be secured around the edge of a paper plate, then the parrot on his perch can be placed in the middle of the plate before securing the tops of the newspaper tubes to another paper plate. Strips of paper glued around the top and bottom of the bars will provide extra strength to the cage. A handle can be made from a ring of cardboard fastened to the top of the cage.