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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014




Clown made from a paper cup

Paper Cup Clown

How to Make a Paper Cup Clown

This clown is made from a paper cup. The arms are made from one single roll of newspaper, threaded through two holes in the cup, one at each side. A round parcel of newspaper for the head is taped firmly over the top of the cup.

Outlines of hands and feet are drawn on white card and then cut out, the flat feet shapes are taped to the bottom of the cup, and the hands are taped, one at each end of the arms. A clown’s hat is also made from white card.

The clown has big shoes and big gloves, he also likes dancing and waving to his many happy friends.

He is quick and easy to make and can be scaled up in size, by using a bigger paper cup. It would make a wonderful classroom project!