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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014





Paper crab

How to make a Paper Crab

This crab is quickly made using two flattish oval parcels of crumpled newspaper for the upper and lower body, eight small rolls of newspaper for the legs are made and each leg is bent in two places for the "leg joints". Two fatter rolls are made for the claws, these are then flattened and the ends folded and taped into a pointed shape.

The legs and claws are then taped firmly on top of the lower body parcel. The upper body parcel is then placed on top and taped around the edges leaving two gaps for the eyes. The crab is then painted white to cover up the printing and left to dry before applying coloured paint.Two little balls of tissue paper, painted black are glued in the eye sockets and the crab looks good on a paper plate.