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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014





Fish made by covering a plastic bottle

How to Make Fishes from Empty Plastic Bottles

A plastic lemonade bottle was covered with red construction paper and fixed with masking tape for the fish body. The fins and tail were drawn on coloured card then cut out and fastened, one to the top of the fish, and one at the base then the tail was attached. Masking tape on the body was painted to match the paper covering. The eyes and mouth were then painted on and a string attached to the top fin so that the fish balances horizontally. Hanging from the ceiling, the fish moves in any slight breeze.



The Fanfish

The Fanfish is a small plastic bottle shape covered in newspaper with fanned paper fins and tail. The nose of the fish is part of an egg box. This fish is one of my favourites just as it is, but one made the same way could be covered in coloured paper.



Make a fan for the tail or the fins by folding a rectangular piece of paper, and open out as shown to make a semi circle. Fasten the folds together at point A with masking tape.

Tape the tail (at point A) to the fish. Make four smaller fans for the fins then tape them to the body with masking tape from B to C as shown.

Plate Fish.

Make a colourful Plate Fish from three paper plates some masking tape and a length of string! Paint the fish with bright colours and hang it near a door or window where it will swim about in any slight breeze.

Click the fish to download full instructionsplate-fish.jpg

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