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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014




More Fishes

Apple box aquarium

Here are some fun goldfish swimming in an aquarium, that is really just an apple box kindly donated by Gwyn!


Small card fishes swimming in an apple box aquarium Small card fishes swimming in an apple box aquarium Small card fishes swimming in an apple box aquarium


Small card fish swimming in a jar

Jar Fish

This little card goldfish swims around on a fine thread fastened from the top of his fin to the underside of the jar lid, where it is secured with a small piece of tape.



Little Fishes Mobile.

This mobile is made from two paper plates. The first plate is turned upside down and a little pond, swing, seat and village sign made from card were fastened (use either making tape or glue) to the plate, before the whole scene was painted with bright acrylic colours. Why not design your own scene for the top of the mobile?



Make a wall around the pond.

  1. Decide on the size of the pond and measure a strip of card long enough to go around the pond. Draw a line along the length of the card strip, about 1cm from the bottom.
  2. Make small cuts about 1cm apart, from the bottom of the strip up to the line.
  3. Bend the card strip round to form a circle, overlap the ends and fix in place with a piece of masking tape.
  4. Bend the tabs outwards and fasten the tabs to the plate with short strips of masking tape.



All the little fishes can be downloaded below. Make a small hole through the top fin of each fish and tie on threads of different lengths, to hang them from a second plate. Turn this second plate upside down and make enough small holes in the plate, to pass each thread through. Knot each thread at the back of the plate then secure with masking tape.



Once all the fishes are in place glue or staple the two plates together so all the little fishes are swimming about beneath the pond. The completed mobile can be hung up by fixing four threads evenly spaced around the edge of the mobile and firmly knotted together so that it hangs level.

Click the image above to download 30 little fishes to cut out and colour in plus 2 fish bowls.



Why not colour some fishes and glue them on a fish bowl to make your own super fishy collage?