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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014




Giant Dice

Giant dice from a paper box


How to make a Giant Dice.

  1. To make a cube from a square based milk or juice carton, begin by measuring the width of the carton, and then measure the same distance up from the bottom of the carton, and draw a line around all four sides at this height. Draw another line around the carton the same distance above the first line.Cut around the top line to remove the top of the carton.
  2. Cut downwards at each corner from the top edge to the first line to make four flaps.
  3. Fold these flaps over to make a closed box.
  4. Fasten the edges neatly with masking tape.

Giant dice step 4

Step 4

Giant dice step 3

Step 3

Giant dice step 2

Step 2

Giant dice step 1

Step 1


The closed box method is also used for the House and the Kennel projects

Carefully cover the box by gluing black construction paper to each side. Make 21 small circles on a sheet of white paper by drawing around a bottle top or similar, then carefully cut out the circles to make the spots for the dice. The amount of cutting out can be reduced by drawing one circle and folding the paper two or three times to make several layers with the circle on top. Holding the paper firmly cut through all the layers to make three or four spots at a time.

Spots on a dice

The cube has six sides and the spots need to be arranged in the correct order. This picture shows the six sides of the dice opened out flat showing how numbers of spots appear on each side.