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16th December 2014




3D Wall Hangings

3D table setting for the wall

How to make 3D Wall Hangings

A Fun Table Setting.

A fun table setting on the wall, plastic cutlery and paper plate hot glued on a painted base of layered paper.

For this project, a strong paper base was made by gluing two layers of newspaper together, and then a final layer of plain newsprint. When thoroughly dry press the base for a few hours between two sheets of card weighted with some heavy books. When taken from the press the paper will be flat, but with an interesting rippled surface, which when painted and decorated creates a more lively appearance when hanging on a plain wall.

Newspaper Grain

Newspaper Grain

Newspaper and newsprint has a grain, and when building up layers, each alternate layer should have the grain lying at right angles to the previous layer. To find out the direction of the grain of a sheet of paper, tear the paper and you will find that tearing along the grain produces a fairly straight tear, whilst tearing across the grain produces a very ragged tear.

Shapes and Shadows

Wall hanging made from Nine paper plates

For this project nine white paper plates were hot glued together at the edges. Then the complete project and fixed on a white wall with sticky tabs.

In natural light, the interplay between the shapes and shadows of the plates creates a very unusual and interesting artwork.