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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014





Post box

How to make a ´Post Box´ money box.

This British post box, which also makes a good money box is really easy to make. First glue on a layer of white copy paper to cover the original printing on the carton.

When completely dry, draw a rectangle for the letter slot, and a door shape on the back. Cut out the letter slot completely. Cut along three sides of the door i.e. top, one side and bottom. Slightly bend the door back. A little tab of card is glued onto the door edge as shown.

Now the post box is ready for painting bright red, when the paint is dry, glue on a white piece of paper just beneath the letter slot for ´Collection times´ and add the rest of the details with a black felt tip pen.

Cut a small square of sticky backed "Velcro" to fit the door tab. and stick it between the tab and the post box.

Back of the post box