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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014




Yellow dog made from newspaper



How to make a Paper Dog

How to make a newspaper dog step 1

The yellow dog is made with several parcels of crumpled paper fastened with masking tape. A large parcel is made for the body, with a little tie at one end for a tail. A longer tie at the other end will help to fix the head and neck firmly.


How to make a newspaper dog step 2

A head shaped parcel is made for the head and two long fat tubes of paper are made for the legs. The head is attached to the body with a tight roll of newspaper using masking tape, the neck may need reinforcing with extra paper layers to get the correct angle. Make two fat tubes of paper, each tube will make one front, and one rear leg.


How to make a newspaper dog step 3

The legs are taped under the body as shown. When the legs are firmly fixed, the dog´s feet can be taped onto a cardboard base, two little ears made from small squares of doubled paper are fastened on with masking tape. Finally carefully cover the dog in glued strips (about 1 by 3 inches) of brightly coloured tissue paper and leave to dry.