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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014




Bottles to Decorate

Bottles to decorate

1. Tear newspaper into small strips (about 1.5” x 3”). Glue the strips on to the bottle to cover completely, working from the neck of the bottle downwards. Leave to dry, then cover with a second layer of paper strips.

2. When thoroughly dry, lightly rub the surface of the covered bottle with glass paper to give a smooth finish.

3. Paint with white (matt) paint and leave to dry.

4. Decorate as required using coloured paints, ink or scraps of coloured paper glued on.


Bottle decorated by Xirui

Bottle decorated by Xirui

Paper projects workshop

Bechtel I-Center

Stanford CA.


Nibble dishes

Quick and easy nibble dishes made from a plastic soda bottle

These small useful plastic Nibble dishes were each made from one plastic soda bottle. The top and bottom sections of the bottle were cut off and glued together as shown with a hot glue gun.