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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014




Seated Figure

Seated Figure


How to make a Seated Figure

The seated figure about 30 inches high, was made on a framework of tightly rolled newspaper tubes, fastened with masking tape and some string (using similar methods to the basic figure). Once the framework was complete, newspaper was used to pad out the required shape. Cotton string for the hair was glued to the head and a hat was made from thin card.

The complete figure was then covered in glued white tissue paper strips to provide extra strength. To colour the figure, ´clothes´ were made in pieces from coloured tissue paper and gift wrapping.


Waistcoat patterns


The seated figure dressed and painted


After measuring the figure, a pattern for the waistcoat, as shown above was cut from kitchen roll. This was used as a template and traced on to gift wrap. Once fitted to the figure the waistcoat was taped at the shoulders as shown.