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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014




Basket Maker




How to make the Basket Maker.

The Basket maker, about 18inches high was made almost entirely of paper, using a framework of rolled paper tubes fastened with masking tape as described for the Figure Project. Florist´s stem wire was inserted into the arms and legs to help hold the bent shapes. Crumpled paper padding was used to shape the figure.

A hat brim was made from thin card and covered with glued tissue paper. Glued tissue (tissue and PVA glue) was applied to the whole figure, strengthening the figure and suggesting draped clothing.

The basket is a cylinder of thin card with a circle of card making its base, and fixed in position by leaving some small tabs around its edge. These were bent up and stuck inside the bottom edge of the cylinder. The loose cane effect around the top of the basket was made by cutting down from the top edge to form a number of narrow card strips, these can be curled by gently pulling them into shape between finger and thumb. The basket was also covered with a layer of glued tissue before the whole figure was painted white.