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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014




Easy to make toadstool



How to make a Paper Toadstool (and a little elf to sit on it).

1. Fasten the base of the cup to one plate using masking tape.

2. Crumple up some newspaper and pile on top of the plate – catch with masking tape, then cover with a single sheet of paper, tucking and taping the edges underneath the plate, making a smooth shape.

3. Tape the open end of the cup to the center of the back of the second plate.

4. Before painting it you can cover the top of the toadstool with strips of glued tissue to give a smoother effect − leave to dry and then paint.

Pumpkin elf


Pumpkin elf

This little elf is made using the techniques described for making basic figures, her hat is just a circle of card with a cutout to fit over her head. Fine cotton string is used to make her hair and she is wearing a skirt made from several layers of tissue paper. Only the pumpkin is real!