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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014





Mobile from 16 paper cups

Easy to Make Mobiles

This mobile was made from 16 paper cups, fastened together using a hot glue−gun. The bottom of each cup was cut out to let the light through. The circles of card from the cup bases were used to make the small discs that hang from the rims of the cups.

How to make Whirling Paper Cup Mobiles

Marking out the parts of the mobile

This mobile is made from a paper cup and one sheet of thin card. With a felt tip pen, draw eight vertical lines, equally spaced around the cup. Between these lines, draw eight shorter lines, and on each of these, cut a narrow slot as shown. This makes the mobile more stable as it spins. On the sheet of card, draw a number of rectangles 4cm wide and slightly shorter than the height of the cup.


The assembled mobile

Cut out eight card rectangles, and 1cm from each long edge, bend two flaps in opposite directions. Using hot glue, stick one flap of each rectangle onto each long line on the cup as shown. Make sure that the outer flaps all face the same direction.

To hang the mobile, make a hole at the centre of the cup base and thread a string through it, tie a good sized knot inside the cup and fix the knot in place with a blob of hot glue.


Colourful breeze operated mobiles

Decorate your mobiles as you like, and watch them spin in the breeze.


Simple Whirling Mobile.

Make this simple whirling mobile from a single sheet of A4 or Letter size paper or coloured card.

First look for a suitable shape to draw the circles around. Other materials required are craft scissors, pen or pencil, rule, sticky tape, needle and strong thread (a thimble is also a good idea).