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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014





Basic paper figure (partially covered with tissue)


How to make a 3D Paper Figure:

Follow the steps below to make a basic 3D paper figure. The sizes of the various parts can be varied to suit the figure you are making. The figure illustrated is small enough to be mounted on a paper plate, but by using more paper and bigger tubes it can be scaled up.

For small figures, arms and legs can be reinforced by inserting florist´s stem wire in the paper tubes. For larger figures multple tubes can be bound together with string to achieve the required shapes. Once the figure is the required shape it can be given extra strength by completely covering it with a layer made of strips of tissue paper, applied by brushing on with glue.

These methods of construction are also used for the Basketmaker and Seated Figure projects.

Step 1.

Instructions for making a paper figure step 1

Steps 2 and 3.

Instructions for making a paper figure steps 2 and 3

Steps 4 and 5.

Instructions for making a paper figure steps 4 and 5

Steps 6 and 7.

Instructions for making a paper figure steps 6 and 7