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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014




Paper Windows


Paper Window


Optional (for Window Box)

Making Paper Windows


A Picture Simply Slots in

This project uses basic materials and simple methods to make interesting displays for many types of pictures. Full instructions for making a picture window can be downloaded here

The display pictures are simply slotted in the top of the frame so can be easily changed.

The window frame can be used to show the view of a room seen from outside, or a view from inside, looking out. To start with there are some pictures of furniture to download, colour in and cut out. Stick them on a card background to furnish a room.


A Simple Counting Window

Because the frame has a number of window panes, these could also be used for a simple set of counting pictures, there are some sets of cute animals, birds and fishes to download for this purpose.





A Tissue 'Stained Glass' Window

A variation on the window idea is to make your own ‘stained glass window’. The window frame can be made in different shapes and the stained glass is actually coloured tissue paper, cut to size and one side painted all over with PVA glue before being stuck on the frame. As the tissue dries and shrinks slightly, it becomes taut and almost transparent. The tissue paper ‘stained glass window’ looks great when hung in a real window.

Easy A4 Display Frames

Another simple idea for displaying smaller pictures is to cut frames from A4 size card, backed with a plain A4 card so that pictures can be simply slotted in between.


A4 Display frames