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Revision 4.00

16th December 2014




Decorated Boxes

1. Heart shaped box

Packaging is perfectly fascinating, this heart shaped box was originally full of wonderful chocolates, it was a gift, and when the chocolates had gone the box was too good to throw away, so was decorated with lace flowers and is now used regularly as a button box.

The box could also be covered with strips of glued white copy paper, and when dry paint your own design on, or make a collage pattern using small torn glued squares of brightly coloured papers, or pieces of interesting wrapping paper.

Or perhaps glue on the box some favourite photographs, pieces of interesting retro fabric, lace or favourite ribbons.

Have fun!


Heart-shaped-box-002.jpg Heart-shaped-box-001.jpg



2. Flower Box (was a flour box!)

The baking is finished and the flour box empty, what a wonderful shape this particular box is, rounded corners and an attached lid!

How could it not be made into a super decorated container, useful for anything and everything!

And what joy to be able to cut out and glue some really wonderful red shiny flowers against the painted blue of a noonday sky!

Also what about the optional extra bit of luxury, a red plaited strap and a red felt base for the inside!


flour-bag-009.jpg flour-bag-007.jpg flour-bag-001.jpg

3. Desk Tidy


In the project as shown, pieces of a torn map and graph paper were used to decorate the desk tidy.

A Desk Tidy is a very useful object both to keep, and as a gift. The one made here has a long compartment for long brushes etc. There are also two shorter compartments for pens, pencils and scissors.

Because this Desk Tidy may be regularly used it has to be a very sturdy box, initially it was a chocolate box with a lid, and to make it extra strong, the lid was turned over, pushed inside the base then both sections were taped together. Two dividers were measured to fit the box, then drawn on an extra piece of cardboard (with side and bottom tabs added). The dividers were cut out and taped in place in the box. For extra strength, the whole box was then covered with strips of glued white copy paper. Once dry, the desk tidy can be painted or decorated as required.

Although instructions are provided for making this particular shape and size of box, any suitable box can be used and dividers fixed as required, using the same basic techniques.