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16th December 2014





How to Make a Piñata


Piñatas of all shapes and sizes are often seen at parties and celebrations, especially in Mexico, central and southern United States. This project shows how to make a traditional seven pointed piñata.

Piñatas are usually filled with sweets or toys and during the party, someone volunteers to be blindfolded and is given a stick, they are then guided to a place just beneath the piñata.

By waving the stick in the air they try to break the piñata so that all the sweets fall out. However, to make that more difficult there is a long string fastened to the piñata, and some of the guests pull on the string so that the piñata is pulled out of the way of the stick. After two or three hits, another guest will have a try, until someone eventually has a direct hit, and breaks the piñata, then everyone scrambles for the sweets that spill out of the cones and the body of the piñata!

Find out lots more about pinatas and their origins at Wikipedia.org